Powering a Strong American Economy

America’s economy runs on electricity.  The electric power industry creates jobs, invests in our infrastructure, pays taxes, and supports programs that benefit local communities across the nation.

The power that electric companies produce and deliver benefits every business, industry, and service area to help keep our local communities and America’s economy growing.

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Strengthening Local Communities

The more than 500,000 men and women who work for America’s electric companies contribute to the communities in which they live. Electric companies also partner with local charities and support community development, education, and public service programs that help make our local communities stronger.

Energy Policies Affect Our Economies

Decisions made by legislators, policy makers, and regulators affect how electricity is produced and used—and that, in turn, affects our communities, our ability to keep innovating, and our economy as a whole.

We support smart energy solutions that:

  • Help support and create local jobs
  • Keep our communities and economy growing
  • Foster innovation in the electric power industry and other industries
  • Ensure electricity remains reliable, affordable, and increasingly clean
  • Support a balanced use of America’s diverse supply of energy sources
  • Are fair and protect consumers

    • Powering our lives

      From powering our homes, businesses, and the devices we use to transforming the way we work, learn, and get around—electricity supports and advances our quality of life.

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    • Powering innovation

      The way we use and produce electricity is changing. As a result, electricity is helping spur the development of new technologies that enhance our everyday lives.

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    • Powering our future

      The future of electricity is on the fast track - reliable, affordable electricity is critical to the way we work, travel, learn, play, and live today and tomorrow.

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