Why ‘We Stand For Energy?’

We Stand For Energy includes Americans from all walks of life working together to support a reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy future for everyone.

Electricity powers our everyday lives, strengthens our economy, and drives innovation. That’s why we all deserve a greater voice in the energy policies that affect all of us.

Why are we building this community?

Meeting America’s growing need for electricity, today and tomorrow, will require smart energy solutions that ensure electricity remains reliable, affordable, and increasingly clean. We believe America’s energy policies must:

  • Help support and create local jobs
  • Keep our local communities and economy growing
  • Spur the development of new, innovative technologies
  • Enable us to use a diverse supply of domestic energy sources
  • Provide a secure energy future for everyone
  • Protect consumers and ensure everyone is treated fairly

Why should you join We Stand For Energy?

We Stand For Energy believes electricity does more than just power our homes and businesses.  It allows us to connect to each other in new ways, creates local jobs to strengthen our economy, enables us to push the boundaries of technological innovation in nearly every industry, and is helping secure a bright future for all Americans.

Learn more about what we stand for by exploring one of the issues below.

The Edison Electric Institute (EEI) is proud to sponsor this national program.