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America’s Electric Power Industry Stands Ready to Deliver Our Energy Future

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America’s electric power industry is rapidly moving forward to build and use smarter energy infrastructure, provide even cleaner energy, and create the energy solutions customers want. Presenting an exciting vision of the electric power industry, the Edison Electric Institute held its 2017 Wall Street briefing—Delivering America’s Energy Future—discussing the way energy powers our economy and our future.

Jobs and the Economy

The We Stand For Energy community knows how critical energy is to powering our daily lives, but what we may not see is just how important it is to powering our nation’s workforce and economy.

The electric power industry supports jobs for more than one million U.S. workers and contributes more than 2 percent of America’s real GDP. Building a diverse, highly skilled energy workforce is essential to meeting our evolving energy needs. Electric companies continue to invest in workforce development and job creation.

Did you know that the electric power industry is the only industry with a workforce development organization? The Center for Energy Workforce Development facilitates open collaboration among companies to build a trained and competitive workforce.

Smarter Energy Infrastructure

New technologies—such as smart meters and microgrids, as well as digital sensing, monitoring, and control capabilities—are being adopted throughout the electric power industry. Evolving technologies will make our energy supply cleaner, more reliable, and more secure.

A Cleaner Energy Future

The electric power industry has already made significant progress toward a clean and affordable energy future. Today, one-third of U.S. power generation comes from zero-emissions sources—nuclear energy and renewables such as hydropower, wind, and solar. And 2016 marked the first time that natural gas generated the bulk of the nation’s electricity.

The electric power industry invests more than $100 billion each year in smarter energy infrastructure and the transition to cleaner generation sources. These efforts are making a positive impact. In 2015, industry carbon dioxide emissions were nearly 21 percent below 2005 levels.

Energy Solutions Customers Want

New technologies increasingly enable energy personalization, and customers want more flexibility and to be more engaged with their energy use.

Electric companies are changing the way they provide services to customers and individualizing those services—for large customers (like data centers and major corporations) that want to use renewable energy; for residential customers who want to manage their energy use using connected devices and through web-based platforms; and for major cities that want to be more sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint.

By building and using smarter energy infrastructure, providing even cleaner energy, and creating the energy solutions customers want, the electric power industry is delivering America’s energy future.

Want to learn more about the future of energy in America? Check out the full Wall Street briefing here.