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Celebrating Smarter Energy Infrastructure!

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May 15-19 is Infrastructure Week! Infrastructure Week is an initiative to highlight and raise awareness of the importance of America’s infrastructure, including the energy grid and natural gas infrastructure. American businesses, industries, Chambers of Commerce, local leaders, and everyday citizens are coming together to advocate for policies that support infrastructure. Here at We Stand For Energy, we support this national effort to highlight the importance of our nation’s infrastructure—and especially smarter energy infrastructure.

Smarter energy infrastructure helps keep energy affordable for customers; it helps strengthen the energy grid’s resiliency against cyber and physical security threats, as well as natural disasters; it ensures that energy can get where it is needed, when it is needed; and it enables electric companies to provide the energy solutions that customers want.

As we discuss infrastructure this week, it is important to focus on advancing policies that enable America’s electric companies to deliver the benefits of smarter energy infrastructure to customers.

We need policies that simplify and speed up the process for permitting and siting transmission, natural gas, and renewable energy infrastructure.

Policies must also help electric companies protect the energy grid from cyber and physical security threats. The energy grid is a critical part of America’s infrastructure, and we need to make sure that the energy grid is as strong and resilient as possible to help decrease the frequency and duration of any power outages.

By participating in the events and educational opportunities being organized across the country during Infrastructure Week, we hope to draw even more attention to the need for policies that support the smarter energy infrastructure that we rely on every day.

Interested in making a difference during Infrastructure Week? Join the conversation, and let your networks know that it’s #TimetoBuild!