Using Electricity Wisely Benefits Everyone

A hundred years ago, electricity was a luxury. Today, we cannot live without it. But even though we may take electricity for granted, we need to remember to use it wisely. Using electricity wisely:

  • Is good for the environment
  • Saves you money in your home and business
  • Keeps our nation’s electricity supply more reliable

Improving Energy Efficiency

America’s population will continue to grow, and so will our need for electricity as our communities and industries get smarter and more electricity-driven. In fact, the demand for electricity is projected to grow 29.5% by 2040 as the number of products powered by electricity increases.

Electric companies, private businesses, the government, and entire industries have made considerable progress over the past several years to help Americans use their energy in smarter, more efficient ways.

  • A wide range of state and federal government programs, such as the ENERGY STAR program introduced by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in 1992, offer businesses and consumers incentives and solutions to improve their energy usage.
  • Increased electrification is helping businesses and industries modernize their systems and technology to reduce environmental impacts and costs.

Improving Personal Energy Efficiency

Most people can do more than they realize to improve their own energy efficiency—even taking a few small steps consistently can make a big difference over the long term.

    • Powering our lives

      From powering our homes, businesses, and the devices we use to transforming the way we work, learn, and get around—electricity supports and advances our quality of life.

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    • Powering our economy

      The electric power industry supports local jobs and community services.  Electricity also keeps businesses running, drives our economy, and is revolutionizing industries nationwide.

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    • Powering innovation

      The way we use and produce electricity is changing. As a result, electricity is helping spur the development of new technologies that enhance our everyday lives.

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    • Powering our future

      The future of electricity is on the fast track - reliable, affordable electricity is critical to the way we work, travel, learn, play, and live today and tomorrow.

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