Powering a Bright Future

America’s future will be powered by electricity.  Reliable, affordable, clean energy will transform the way we work, travel, learn, and play. It will help us create smarter, more sustainable communities.  That’s why we must balance a wide range of economic, environmental, and societal priorities to ensure a bright future for everyone.

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What Is America’s Energy Future?

In one word: electricity. The potential for electricity to power our future is limited only by the reach of our imaginations.

Electricity is already driving innovation—from the devices that keep us connected to the new generation of vehicles that are reducing our dependence on foreign oil and enhancing our energy and economic security.  As the role of electricity in all aspects of our lives increases, so will our need to ensure America’s energy policies protect reliability, promote innovation, and ensure we all benefit from affordable, increasingly clean electricity.

Energy Policies Will Shape Our Future

The energy policies that legislators, regulators, and other decision makers enact today will shape our future for decades to come. We need policies that not only support today’s innovations but also make room for technologies we have yet to envision; at the same time, those policies need to preserve reliability and fairness for all consumers, now and in the future.

We support smart energy solutions that:

  • Foster innovation in the electric power industry and other industries
  • Ensure we are using all available energy resources to help us keep electricity reliable and affordable
  • Help us meet America’s growing need for electricity in innovative, sustainable ways
  • Keep our communities and economy growing
  • Are fair and protect consumers

    • Powering our lives

      From powering our homes, businesses, and the devices we use to transforming the way we work, learn, and get around—electricity supports and advances our quality of life.

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    • Powering our economy

      The electric power industry supports local jobs and community services.  Electricity also keeps businesses running, drives our economy, and is revolutionizing industries nationwide.

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    • Powering innovation

      The way we use and produce electricity is changing. As a result, electricity is helping spur the development of new technologies that enhance our everyday lives.

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