Powering American Innovation

The future of electricity is on the fast track. How we use electricity and how we produce and deliver it are continuously evolving, and the electric power industry continues to drive innovation in nearly every aspect of our lives today.

Electrifying Our Lives

Advancements in technology and the way we use electricity are bringing us tools that were once unimaginable.  Smart phones, electric vehicles, smart homes and businesses, even the “smart” that powers the smart grid—electricity is giving us greater control over our lives and allowing us to live more comfortably, securely, and efficiently than ever before.

5.7: The average number of devices in every U.S. household that are connected to the Internet, deliver apps, and are powered by electricity.

The Electric Grid: Keeping America Connected

Built in the early 20th century, America’s electric power grid is the backbone of our electric system.  As our increasingly digital society becomes more reliant on smart technologies, we must continue to transform and enhance the grid and the way that electricity is generated, managed, and used.

The smart grid provides consumers with many valuable benefits, including greater insight into and control over their energy usage.  It also provides electric power companies with the real-time information they need to deliver more reliable power to homes and businesses across the country.

Smart meters—part of the smart grid—measure electricity usage far more accurately than traditional meters and can typically send data to and from electric companies and consumers in real time.

Electrifying Our Economy

Increased electrification spurs the development of innovative new products and revolutionizes a vast array of American industries.


Making Our Energy Supply More Sustainable

New developments and technologies are helping make traditional forms of energy cleaner and more efficient, as well as unlocking vast new potential from a variety of renewable resources. 

As America works to incorporate renewable and clean fuel technologies, there are some key challenges we must address:

  • Reducing costs
  • Increasing capability for storage and capacity
  • Addressing intermittency – not all resources are available at all times
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Minimizing environmental impacts

From 2012 to 2040, generating capacity from renewable energy sources is expected to grow by 53.5%.

Energy Policies Impact Innovation

We need energy policies that support the types of innovation electricity makes possible while also ensuring our electricity supply remains safe, reliable, affordable, and sustainable.

We support smart energy solutions that:

  • Promote innovation in the electric power industry and across other industry sectors
  • Ensure we can use all available energy sources to keep electricity reliable and affordable
  • Help us meet our growing need for electricity in innovative, increasingly clean ways
  • Strengthen our local communities and overall economy
  • Are fair and protect consumers

    • Powering our lives

      From powering our homes, businesses, and the devices we use to transforming the way we work, learn, and get around—electricity supports and advances our quality of life.

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    • Powering our economy

      The electric power industry supports local jobs and community services.  Electricity also keeps businesses running, drives our economy, and is revolutionizing industries nationwide.

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    • Powering our future

      The future of electricity is on the fast track - reliable, affordable electricity is critical to the way we work, travel, learn, play, and live today and tomorrow.

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