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Retro Electronic Toy Face-Off! Throwback to the best toys of each decade

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From the colorful lights illuminating our neighborhoods to our cold refrigerators and hot ovens, we may not realize how much we rely on energy to power our favorite holiday traditions.

This winter, We Stand For Energy is looking back at some of our favorite electronic toys from years past. Now we’re putting these gadgets head-to-head to determine which is the most popular from previous decades.

Today, we are flashing back to the groovy 1970s and flashy 1980s, discovering the coolest electronic toys that were holiday hits! Check out our competitors for these decades and vote for the one that was on your wish list back in the day.

1970s Electronic Toy Face-Off

Speak & Spell Mattel Electronics Football








Texas Instruments’ Speak & Spell premiered at the 1978 Consumer Electronics Show as one of the first electronic education toys. It had a speech synthesizer, keyboard and LCD screen – not to mention a starring role in the 1982 blockbuster film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.









Mattel Electronics Football was released in 1977. This gridiron game had LED players and sound effects (“Charge!”). Players controlled a lone running back around defenders to get a first down or a touchdown, with the options to kick a field goal or punt.

1980s Electronic Toy Face-Off

Teddy Ruxpin Nintendo Classic







This electronic stuffed bear was one of the best-selling toys of 1985. An animatronic mouth and eyes created the illusion Teddy was reading to kids. By placing cassettes in its back, children could listen to a variety of stories.








As the best-selling gaming console of the ‘80s, the NES revitalized the video game industry in the United States. With gaming options such as Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda, this was what kids in this decade begged their parents for.

Vote today for your favorite electronic toys from the ‘70s and ‘80s. Stay tuned to check out more gadgets from the ‘90s and ‘00s this month!