Security is Fundamental

Keeping our nation’s electric grid secure is a priority for all of us. Both cyber and physical security threats can endanger our electric system, which in turn impacts our individual lives  and our economy.

Protecting the Grid

Today, America’s electric power companies are forging ahead with a series of initiatives to safeguard the electric grid from threats and partnering with federal agencies to improve sector-wide resilience to cyber and physical threats.

To strengthen its capabilities, the electric power industry also collaborates with:

  • The National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • The North American Electric Reliability Corporation
  • Federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies

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Preparing for the Future

A smart grid allows us to better control energy usage and enables electric companies to more effectively identify and respond to problems. As the technologies that support our grid change, however, so do the threats it faces.

Smarter, more sophisticated security protections must be built into the system as enhancements to the grid are being made. And as threats to the grid grow, electric companies must continue to strengthen their defenses.

The Department of Energy recently highlighted three main security objectives related to the technological security of the grid:

  • Keeping data and information flowing through the grid continuously to ensure availability
  • Putting controls in place to prevent outside users from accessing information to alter the function of the grid
  • Ensuring account names, passwords, and consumer data remain secure to protect privacy

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