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Smart Cities Roadshow

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The weather is changing, and summer vacation is just around the corner. We Stand For Energy is buckling up for a cross-country roadshow exploring one of the newest innovations in American energy: smart cities. This five-part series uncovers where these smart cities are located and how new technology changes the way we interact with urban spaces.

Come along for the ride as We Stand For Energy:

  • Profiles a wide range of urban environments undergoing substantial smart city upgrades – from Spokane to Chicago to Dallas;
  • Highlights examples of smart innovations and their short- and long-term benefits; and
  • Delves into the collaboration between electric power companies and technology innovators that make these cities “smart.”

 What exactly is a smart city?

A smart city connects the power of the energy grid with an array of internet-connected technologies to enhance urban life. This connection delivers surprising benefits, including: advances in public safety and transportation, significant energy savings, and enhanced urban livability.

City populations are growing dramatically. By 2050, nearly two-thirds of the world’s population will live in an urban environment. That’s why creating strong, modern infrastructure and networks now will help build a sustainable future.

Smart cities are the cities of our future. Stay tuned to learn more about these innovations around the country!

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