Solar energy plays an important role in America’s energy supply and is helping us transition to cleaner, more sustainable energy. We need to make that transition in a way that benefits all consumers, while ensuring that energy remains reliable and affordable.

Did you know that the US has reduced carbon levels by more than 20% since 2005? America’s energy companies are expected to double their use of solar over the next 5 years, with the ultimate goal of bringing cost-effective solar to all U.S. homes, businesses, and communities.


The energy industry is leading the nation in the investment, development, and installation of solar projects that help power entire communities or regions.  Central station and energy company-owned community solar projects generate and feed energy directly into the smart grid, making solar more affordable and benefiting more consumers nationwide.


Private solar generation allows individual Americans to generate energy from solar energy on a small scale to help supplement their personal energy use. Here’s how it works:


How Private Solar Customers Use the Grid

  • Customers buy power from local energy companies when there is not enough sunlight to generate energy to meet their needs.
  • Then sell excess energy back to local energy companies when they are generating more energy than they need.


When consumers sell excess energy to their local energy companies, they receive money back on their electric bills through a billing system known as private solar credits.

Unfortunately, outdated private solar credit policies in some states allow private solar customers to avoid sharing the cost of maintaining America’s energy grid, shifting that cost to consumers who cannot or choose not to install private solar panels.

We believe this is fundamentally unfair. We all use the energy grid, so we all have a responsibility to help keep it working reliably.

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