There is no question: Indiana’s future will be powered by electricity. And reliable, affordable, clean energy will transform the way we work, travel, learn, and play, as well as create smarter, more sustainable communities. But to ensure this bright future, we have to properly balance a number of economic, environmental, and societal priorities.

Our energy policies must keep driving innovation, strengthen Indiana’s electric grid, keep our economy strong, and promote the use of renewable resources like solar power and the development of energy efficient technologies—while also keeping prices affordable and reliable:

  • The Electric Grid: Even though the grid is often out of sight, it is the core of our state’s infrastructure. Learn more about how the grid keeps the power on and provides a reliable source of energy.
  • Net Metering: Learn more about how “net metering” policies shift costs from solar users to traditional energy consumers.
  • A Bright Future for Indiana: Find out how “demand rates” can help end the unfair cost shifting associated with net metering.