Electric Vehicles

More and more Americans are expressing interest in electric-powered vehicles, both for personal use and as part of fleets of public transportation. This willingness to shift from traditional fuels to either all-electric or hybrid vehicles is good news for our country, as converting to low- or zero-emission vehicles will help our environment.

Electric-powered vehicles use fuel that is domestically produced, which improves our energy security. Having a diverse energy mix is a critical component of reducing our dependence on foreign oil, while enhancing U.S. economic security.

As more people choose electric vehicles, there will need to be a commitment to ensure the infrastructure is in place to support daily use. The availability of charging stations where they are most conveniently accessed by consumers will go a long way in increasing adoption rates for passenger electric vehicles.

Plug-in technologies are increasing for the non-road and fleet segments of the automotive market as well. America’s energy industry is ready to support this move to cleaner vehicles that help our environment and assist states in meeting their targeted air emissions standards.

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