How can you find assistance to address higher energy bills . . .

For a variety of reasons energy costs are rising worldwide.  Right now, the increased price for natural gas is responsible for the largest impact on customers’ electric bills.

America’s electric companies are taking proactive steps to not only keep bills as low as possible for customers, but also to provide customers with assistance and access to programs to help reduce their bill.

Companies across the country offer support through state and federal programs created for families, those with disabilities, and senior citizens who need direct short-term help to cover their energy bills.


Key Facts


Electrics companies across the country are committed to helping customers arrange payment plans, receive financial assistance, and connect with state and federal resources to help pay their energy bills. Click on your state to find the energy bill assistance and other resources that your electric company is offering.


The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a vital source of aid for struggling families, helping them pay their energy bills and avoid having to choose between energy and other essentials, like food or medicine. Access to affordable energy is a matter of health and safety.