Grid Security

  • America’s electric power grid was built in the early 20th century, and it is the backbone of our electric system.
  • The way we use power has changed and electricity demand has increased. The number of devices that use electricity in our homes and businesses continues to grow.
  • Additionally, we have more devices that connect to the internet in our homes. These smart devices require an equally smart grid—one that provides and uses information to use energy efficiently.
  • A smart grid provides many benefits to consumers, including the ability to manage their own energy use. This is not just a money-saving strategy, it also is better for the environment.
  • As we bring more forms of renewable energy to the mix, a modernized grid is important. The grid needs to be able to seamlessly use energy from renewable sources when that energy is available—such as wind power (when it is windy) and solar power (when the sun is shining)—and switch to traditional sources when those options aren’t providing the amount of power that is needed.
  • The next generation smart grid is being created by integrating telecommunications and information technology devices into the daily operations of energy companies. This allows companies to address problems, such as weather outages, in near-real time.
  • When major outages do occur, the electric power industry is able to respond quickly thanks to the mutual assistance network, a voluntary partnership of electric companies across the country.
  • Mutual assistance brings together the necessary components to address complex restoration tasks, such as skilled line workers and specialized equipment.
  • Restoring power after a major outage can be a complicated undertaking, and the work must be done both safely and quickly to restore power to customers. The mutual assistance network means that during times of high need, power companies are assured of getting the specialized help they need to restore service.
  • Changes in our energy demands also means making certain that the grid is optimized to repel cyberattacks. We are heavily dependent on our electric grid, and need to take steps to ensure its reliability even when faced with cyberattacks.


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