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The Art of Engagement is a Journey
Check out the new blog post by the National League of Cities highlighting how Portland General Electric is positively engaging with local government to promote partnerships and equitable decision-making.

Across the nation, communities have faced a myriad of challenges, ranging from racial injustice and the COVID-19 pandemic to political and economic instability. In the Pacific Northwest, where agriculture, timber and fishing comprise significant segments of the economy, these challenges were compounded with a series of devastating wildfires in September 2020. The wildfires were soon followed by unprecedented ice storms in February 2021 – a storm that by some estimates brought down more than 50 million trees in the Willamette Valley and left approximately 150,000 people without power for days.

In one Oregon community, the ice storm tested a newly minted partnership forged between an electric provider, Portland General Electric Company and Oregon’s most ethnically diverse community, the City of Woodburn. The partnership built on the values of equity, inclusion and growing meaningful community relationships.

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The Hydrogen Renaissance: An Innovative Tool to Reach 100% Clean Energy

The end of the commercial airship era and the beginning of news radio share the same soundbite – “Oh the humanity!” On a seemingly ordinary day in 1937, a hydrogen filled airship, The Hindenburg, ignited and crashed to the ground, killing dozens, and creating a long-lasting aversion to hydrogen in U.S. industry. Americans and American enterprise have come a long way since the 1930s. Our technology, our needs, and our goals have changed dramatically. The change that’s on everyone’s mind though is the recent election.

The President-elect provides a starkly different vision from that of his predecessor in many realms, but perhaps Mr. Biden’s climate and energy goals offer the most jolting contrast. On day one, President Biden will rejoin the Paris climate accord. In his first 100 days, President Biden will pursue the most aggressive federal climate policy in American history. His expected Energy Secretary nominee, former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, reinforces a realigned climate position, advocating for Zero Emission Vehicles, a broad clean energy portfolio, and the phasing out of traditional fossil fuels.

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Putting the Politics Aside – A Roadmap for Electric Vehicles in Utah

Like many issues, energy policy continues to polarize, with both parties employing impassioned rhetoric to turn out the base. Democratic pundits call climate change an “existential” and “global threat,” while some of their Republican counterparts have doubled down and backed climate change deniers. The politico-talk that makes its way to the mainstream media creates a hyper-partisan atmosphere, hindering cooperation, compromise, and innovation.

When we take out some of the fiery politics, we see a very real retail politics component of energy policy and climate investments. What we mean is that advancing climate resiliency programs and economic and innovative energy policy creates solutions for real problems facing the average constituent or customer. In a recent podcast, EEI took the opportunity to chat with James Campbell, Director of Innovation and Sustainability Policy at Rocky Mountain Power about their relationship with the Utah government and their roadmap to expanded adoption of electric vehicles in Utah.

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